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We empower families to live more balanced lives,

on their own terms. 


Play Me Out, LLC is an alternative to traditional childcare designed for modern families

on-the-go. We believe that the key to a happy family is for each member to have a little extra time to cater to their own definition of wellness. P.M.O. gives you just that, putting the power back in your hands by providing safe, short term supervision for (potty trained) children aged 2-12 at our interactive indoor play center.


P.M.O. allows parents to achieve more balance, freetime, and quality of life while their kids simply have fun. By creating a safe, supervised interactive play center for children to explore and socialize, you can reclaim your time and independence without compromising on the quality of life for your children.


P.M.O. understands that life keeps happening -- even after 5:00 PM and on the weekends too-- when most childcare centers are closed. That’s why we don’t believe in restrictive program hours or enrollment requirements that don’t fulfill the unique needs of each family. Instead, we believe in offering an express service that grants parents the flexibility to get more out of their days while providing them the peace of mind that their children are in great hands. 



We Encourage

children’s social development by creating a haven for interaction, socialization, and connectivity at our supervised play center.


We Create

more life balance for parents by giving them more time in their day to live fuller lives -- whether that means running errands or enjoying more personal time for self-care.



We Provide

a unique alternative to traditional childcare that prioritizes the individual needs of parents and their children equally.


Porchia Henderson

Founder & CEO

As a busy working mom of three, I am no stranger to the hectic lifestyle that comes with motherhood. Constantly finding myself balancing the demanding roles of a wife, mother, and career woman, I was often left with little time between work and picking up my kids to fit anything else into my day. Whether I needed to take a quick trip to the grocery store, get to a nail appointment, or go out for a spur of the moment date night, I was on the search for a solution that offered me more flexibility and the assurance that my kids were in good hands. I grew frustrated with the limitations of traditional child care and made the decision to use my Bachelor of Science degree, 15 years of industry experience, and 8 years of motherhood to create an unconventional solution -- and Play Me Out, LLC was born. 

I defiantly understand that a parent’s life keeps going -- even after 5:00 PM and on the weekends, too. My intention with Play Me Out, LLC is to help busy parents reclaim their time without compromising the quality of life for their kids. By creating a safe, supervised interactive play center for kids to explore and socialize, parents just like myself receive the assurance that their kids are actively stimulated while they're on the go. 

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